National Pie Day?!

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So today is National Pie Day (who knew)?! A day where we think any calories consumed while eating a slice of pie do not count! 🙂

Here at the Orchard we offer fresh baked pies from the various fruits we produce…cherry and apple being the most favored.  But here’s the thing, we don’t technically make them here on sight, but you can be sure they are definitely made with some of the best fruit from our Orchard.  There is a process to everything we do here, and since it is National Pie Day, we thought we would break down how we process our apples to make our yummy and delicious apple pies that we offer throughout the fall!

Preparing apples for pie making begins by peeling and coring.  A bushel of washed and sorted apples is brought to the processing room and loaded one at a time onto the peeler.  The apple peeler is automated, advancing every five seconds.  At the first station, the apple is placed on the spindle.  At the second station, it is peeled, at the third station the apple is sliced and cored and the slices fall into a tray.  It takes approximately 12 to 15 minutes to peel and core a bushel, about 100 apples.  Filled trays of apple slices are soaked for two minutes in a solution that prevents the apples from browning.   After the apple slices are thoroughly drained, they are packed in five gallon buckets and immediately stored in the freezer.  The buckets of apple slices are delivered frozen to Stauffer’s Café and Pie Shoppe in Lincoln, Nebraska.  The combination of Kimmel Orchard apples and the Stuaffer family recipe produces a pie that even your grandmother would be jealous of.  🙂

Bon Appetite!

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