We Have Been Slacking…


Welcome 2015! A new year always brings new opportunity, optimism, a fresh start, clean slate, etc.., right? In our case, we hope so!

The blogging world is something very new to us, and we tested the waters in 2014 with a few scattered posts here and there, then apple season hit and much like everything during that time…there is no time.  We like goals and deadlines around here, so we thought…why not do the same for our blog!

So naturally, we start browsing Pinterest (oh yeah…we do have a Pinterest account that you really should follow! 🙂 ) to generate ideas to help us get organized in the blog world.  Holy moly, talk about a ton of stuff! We browsed and browsed….and browsed.  And though it isn’t rocket science, everyone has their own quirky ways of staying organized and after searching for a little while, we found someone with our same style. 🙂 Everyday Enchanting has a Free Printable Blog Planner that we found to be perfect and will hopefully put us on the right track to posting more successfully.

Here is to getting started on the right path…and staying here! 🙂

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